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Business Notices

Business Notices

Business Coaching

Tuesday 15th July 2008, 12:32PM

Some business owners think that hiring a business coach, or considering business coaching is a sign of weakness!

Of course my clients are all smart and intelligent and know all about how to run their business... and smarter still - they recognize those areas of their business that they aren't managing as well as they would like to.

That's where we work together to analyze the business, isolate those areas that need some improvement, and codify those things that are working well, so that the intelligence stays in the business to create a Knowledge Base, and becomes an asset to the business, and an easier way to bring on new employees when they start.

Like to know how that might work for you?

Email me and let's find out together!

lindyasimus (AT)

Phone: 0403 365 855

visit my websites:

Personal business coaching for small business owners and their advisors
Lindy Asimus works with business owners who want to Improve how their business functions, and set and achieve new personal or business goals.

Enhancing what you know... with what we know.
Good Businesses Getting Better!

Which Area Would You Like To Improve?

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